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Alone no more & Shakespeare in the Park

June 26, 2007

OK Garth is back! Yippie! Did I have fun by myself? HELL YEA!! Didn’t have time to think about anything else, have been busy with work and after work gym and after gym movie and dinner at home with whatever chick flick I wanted to watch. (last night we watched smoke and aces ~ Blah..) Also made it to the Met and the roof deck for drinks with friends. ( I wonder how come I never made it there when Garth is in town Hmmm…) Anyway all I mean to say is that I got to do things that I wanted to do without having to worry about not spending time with someone else. Saturday I went to yoga, bought lunch and cycled to the park and continued reading on the grass and had a nap. Karen and April arrived later and I joined them and we just lay chatting till 5ish – 6.

If you have a chance to catch Romeo and Juliet in the park go and do it! ~ Thanks D for waiting 3 hrs for tickets. It was really beautiful with Belvedere Castle as the backdrop to a very stylish set! Thought that Juliet’s performance was very orgasmic! ~ She shakes her head a whole lot like she’s in a trance (from where I sat, I saw the back of her head most of the time). Overall it was a true new york city experience!


The last few weeks in Pictures…

June 3, 2007

Some small updates, nothing totally exciting…
Friend from the UK visited and we did a little sight seeing and hung out at the park.
The weather is getting warmer by the day. Humidity is back and I don’t particularly like it.

That day at the park was gorgeous though, people were playing baseball and the rollerblader/skaters were doing their thing. Extremely warm friendly people, every willing to teach you. Someone told me to bring my rollerblades and join the fun! Cool stuff but I’m not that mad to hang with them.
Then we saw this silly old women with belly dancing belt dancing to a street band. WEIRD people in NYC but its all entertainment.

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Spiderman, Concert & Work

May 15, 2007

We watched spiderman 3 last Thursday at the Imax theatre. Thought it wold be 3D but actually it was just watching it a bigger screen. We got there early and got good seats but I think the movie could have been better. I wasn’t totally impressed with the storyline and it all ended quite lame.
It was good to hang out with Surita and Dick though – Surita, care to post a comment on Spiderman. I know you read my blog so best say something… Hmmm….. at least about spidey! – Anyway apart from that, Saturday we went to watch Five 4 Fighting and ended enjoying the opening act ~ Chantal Kreviazuk even more!

All our friends even Garth didn’t know who these singers were whereas I was listening to them for years. So its very weird where you feel that there’s a particular style of music that really connects to you. Its great here you pay $25 and get to see them live! Don’t think these bands will ever come to Singapore.

I was welcomed home with open Arms!

April 22, 2007

Met Surita at Central Park and when I got to the entrance they greeted me with Open Arms even without a registered printout! I’ve never met more Singaporeans outside of Singapore in my life! I was too involved getting my Char Kueh Teow and Carrot Cake fix. Tasted just like what I would have at home… Bless you Hawkers! I LOVE YOU! The weather turned from cool to scorching hot with the aroma of carrot cake and fried hokkien mee in the air along with the hordes of Chinese Singaporeans it really felt creepy like I woke up and here I am back in home. Some of the locals have been working overseas for over 5 to 6 years some were even away for 14 years.

I wasn’t planning to stick around for Kit Chan and the other Singaporean band to play. Even when I was in Singapore I never was interested in local music. Most of them were Chinese anyway and I just had very little interst in it. There were one or two English singers that I thought were actually good but with our population ratio being majority Chinese they every really got much popularity.

Anyway pictures…

Singapore Day07
Saturday Night Surita’s Camera
Pictures from my camera

Snowboarding Weekend

March 1, 2007

OK time to write about my weekend snowboarding.
I LOVED IT!! We had such a great time. Garth as usual, a snowboarding nut made the rest of us look pathetic. However I didn’t feel I was bad at all. I officially CAN snowboard. I ROCK! After many many… many attempts of trying, it goes to show that practice does make perfect. There were seven of us April, Romina, Nico, Jim, Anna Garth and I. We rented a lodge with a huge fireplace so Saturday after boarding and skiing the whole day we chilled out, had some beer and wine. Made pasta, sat by the fire and got ourselves shit-faced enough to play pool then watch sex and the city then dragged our asses off to bed. Next day we were all in agony but still managed to sneak in another half a day of snowboarding. Then we drove on back to the city. A short but lovely weekend indeed.

Its a shame that my brother Terence has not yet tried snowboarding. This would be the perfect sport for him.. 😦 I should try to get him over for the next trip.

A few key bits of information I’ve learned along the way;

1) Get protection: Bum pads, wrist guards, knee pads and helmet are a must. Its worth the investment. Injuries just stops you from improving and really, being in pain is not going to help you focus. In fact it makes you loose confidence.

2) Bend you knees: Just keep it bent.. I know its a balance thing and not wanting to get to the physics of it, just bend those knees!

3) Know your limits: If you’re tired then take a break. Even if its just sitting on the snow and just catching your breadth.. or just have a cup of hot chocolate and get your energy back. Snowboarding is the best time to have french fries. Somehow I need the salt and the carbs are perfect for the cold and the tiredness. Plus, you know you’re going to burn it off easily. If you’re done with the day and just too tired then stop snowboarding.

4) Make sure your boots and bindings are on TIGHT: It hurts like shit at the end of the day. But that’s what hot baths are for. You can always loosen your boots when your not snowboarding but it sure made a lot of difference having my boots on real tight and tightly secured onto the board as well.

5) Bring pain killers: Needs no explanation.


February 23, 2007


New Year and New Beginning

January 8, 2007

Hello! Happy New Year Everyone!

First blog of the New Year. Sorry if I’ve been such an ‘arse’ and not writing for this long. (not like i’ve got hoards of fans waiting in bated breadth to read my blog – Thank you for reading guys!) Been quite busy enjoying the holidays. Garth’s baby brother Ross along with his Girlfriend Melissa were in New York enjoying the holidays with us so we pretty much did all the touristy things and went to watch the New York Jets at Madison Square Garden – VERY GOOD! and on New Year’s Eve we watch the New York Jets – We didn’t get this game, so we didn’t really enjoy it, we left 1.5hrs into the game.

Instead of me blabbing about what we did, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Love and Peace for the new year.



Happy ThanksGiving!

November 24, 2006


Managed to get my arse in order and embed some videos on from my digital camera. Finally these videos can be shared. My difficulty was finding a freeware software for me to convert my videos to a more Internet friendly format and file-size that was good for a Macintosh.

This was taken a month ago almost in San Francisco with this beautiful view of the San Francisco Bridge.

Yesterday was Thanks Giving and we had a great time stuffing our faces with turkey, all the different mash you can think of.. Also had my first taste of American Apple and Pumpkin Pie. It was a fabulous night at Garth’s Bosses house. It was very warming to be amidst family although it wasn’t ours. You know what I mean when you’ve been away from yours for a bit, any family will do.

Our long walk

October 24, 2006

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Yesterday I went to watch another movie alone… (Kavi see I do it overseas as well – I’m still a looser!) hahaha Anyway I watched last kiss and YES I cried. It was a great way to spend a monday night. Ordered pizza and went for a movie. A lovely date with myself. By the time I went to bed I was tired of listning to myself. (I know I’m quite creepy)

zach_1-copy.jpg Great movie but bring lots of tissues.
So I had a great weekend. Had some odd brandy hot chololate at this old Tosca Cafe and on Saturday Garth and I went for a looooong walk down golden gate park all the way to presidio national park and took a fabulous taxi ride with two great ladies! We saw some beautiful homes and the park walk was very healing. It was a perfect day and at night we met up with Ian, Steva, Ultan and Ranu with a couple of her girlfriends and by that time my legs were about to fall off from all that walking.

Well that was my saturday in a nutshell. Trying my best to keep you updated with the going-ons’. Looking forward to more comments. (really these are just there for you to keep in touch with everyone as well)

Love Hugs and Kisses

Brandy in Hot Chololate?? Yummy and Lethal – BAD COMBINATION!!


Finally out of the city

October 16, 2006

Hello everybody!
Hope everyone had a good weekend. Although its been fabulous being here for the past couple of weeks. I can’t help but miss all my hommies. Hope everyone is doing great and being your happy selves as always.

We (Garth, Ultan, Surita & I) finally got ourselves out of the city last weekend and we hired a mustang convertible. We drove down Napa Valley and down Sanoma to the various vineyards for a bit of cruising and drinking. Well when I say cruising.. it involved Surita and I sitting in the back seat freezing our butts off!! Though the sun was shining at its brightest it didn’t help us with the wind. Anyway we didn’t do much wine tasting but it didn’t stop Garth purchasing two cases of red wine. (Looking forward to getting trolleyed this thanks giving and Christmas!)

It was my first time driving outside of Singapore and on the opposite side of road! Well Garth’s verbal lack of confidence in my driving skills didn’t help so I gave him a piece of my mind and gracefully walked to the drivers side and drove us from one vineyard to the other. It was great driving a mustang.. not totally my kind of car. I don’t see myself as a sports car type of girl but it definitely has inspired me to drive more so especially out of the city as its the BEST way to see the country and to do the things the locals do. My dream car would be a mini convertible because I’m shit in parallel parking.