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Alone no more & Shakespeare in the Park

June 26, 2007

OK Garth is back! Yippie! Did I have fun by myself? HELL YEA!! Didn’t have time to think about anything else, have been busy with work and after work gym and after gym movie and dinner at home with whatever chick flick I wanted to watch. (last night we watched smoke and aces ~ Blah..) Also made it to the Met and the roof deck for drinks with friends. ( I wonder how come I never made it there when Garth is in town Hmmm…) Anyway all I mean to say is that I got to do things that I wanted to do without having to worry about not spending time with someone else. Saturday I went to yoga, bought lunch and cycled to the park and continued reading on the grass and had a nap. Karen and April arrived later and I joined them and we just lay chatting till 5ish – 6.

If you have a chance to catch Romeo and Juliet in the park go and do it! ~ Thanks D for waiting 3 hrs for tickets. It was really beautiful with Belvedere Castle as the backdrop to a very stylish set! Thought that Juliet’s performance was very orgasmic! ~ She shakes her head a whole lot like she’s in a trance (from where I sat, I saw the back of her head most of the time). Overall it was a true new york city experience!



June 2, 2007

Not sure if I wrote about my company gathering… We anyway, we had it about a month ago. I finally had time to put this collage of pictures together on this blog. Lovely bunch of people and I’m so glad to be working for such a great team. The night started well and when the wine started flowing I ended with the worst hangover in my history of bad hangovers. Does that make sense? Well… it does to me. Ended up at work on Thursday at my client office not feeling very fresh despite having a good 8hrs kip. This is the first and last time I’ll ever do that. Enjoy the pictures! Sxx
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Drunk as a skunk on a Tuesday!!!

May 16, 2007

Met Ranu after work for some drinks while Garth went to watch the Mets with Rod (aka Elvis). I had a better time though drinking an apple martini at a 14 floor dodgy bar called Me’Bar just next to the empire state building… you can tell I’m drunk because I just spelled Empire State Building without caps… Then again I just did it with caps.. I’m more drunk then I thought I was. Typing nonsense. I’m not going to use spell check this time because its bollocks!!! I can’t spell very well folks its only because I’ve lived on the computer and there’s always been a spell-check handy to use. Also if you’re dating and english bloke who’s a walking spellcheck, who needs it.. one of those things in life where you really didn’t need to know.. Like is in Secondary school Home Econ Class where they thought us how to make doughnuts or sew a skirt. They should have thought us money management where we would learn to invest in money and we could have bought a gazillion skirts and doughnuts…

Anyway I’m rambling on. Sorry Surita I really contemplated deeply on going to the Buddha bar with you. I’ve never Been! and I really wanted to go but I was stuffing myself at the time you called because I was so drunk that I needed to eat something so that I could manage going home and sleeping early for work tomorrow .. Next time K??


O Sen Sen Sen… !

May 9, 2007

Ay! Arriba y Arriba!!!

This song sent to me by one of our Acapulco Poolside Posse, Will.C yesterday to commemorate the beautiful warm spring.

I want to pack my bags wear my sarong and bikini with a gigantinc summer hat and head down to the Carribian somewhere and dance on the beach with all my Poolside Posses drinking Rum Punch and just basking in the smell and sounds so deliciously toxic.

~ *Haiz* ~

Unfortunately I’m here in the office imagining this. My bum is itchy again I think its that time we look at going somewhere.

TGIF Another week just zoomed by.

April 27, 2007

Just to say first and foremost I hate my new header and I’m going to change it this weekend. I just paid 15 bucks and purchased CSS Editor here on wordpress and hope to put it to good use.
Also just realised that the drop down menu on my website is all over the place and that needs to be fixed as well as my contact form does not work! Argh!

Another end to another week. Again another exhausting week but uneventful. On a good note, we finally settled on getting a cleaner to clean once a week. Because we don’t know anyone who has a cleaner, we didn’t really get any recommendations. We’re so used to having one in Singapore and now that we’re here we’ve been desperate. We decided to wing it and go with the first lady we knew. She comes in on Wednesdays and when I got home that day I was ecstatic to see the place spotless. She really did a good job and I’m glad I do not have to lift a finger ever again.

Anyway friend Marc is in town and we’re going out tonight. It’ll be great to see him especially since we had so much fun when he was down in Singapore a few months ago and we were dragging ourselves too all the after-hour bars in Singapore at 6am in the morning. Don’t think I’ll be doing that again.

Celebrity Sighting #5

March 15, 2007

Thought I’d blog this as a memorable Tuesday as I saw Kevin Bacon on my way home from work! He was walking towards me and I smiled and he smiled and that was that. I now presume that he probably lives on my street as Garth saw his wife Kyra Sedgwick at the grocery store at the corner of our street.

I suppose when you live in New York you’re bound to bump into celebrities once in a while but I have to admit bumping into Kevin Bacon or Stephen Dorff is so much better then Zoe Tay or Taufic.

The Machine is Us/ing Us!

March 2, 2007

Have you ever wondered how computers have evolved in such a short span of time.

I used to tell this joke of when I first started using the Internet when I was 15 years old (I was a late bloomer) and my dial-up was running 54kbps! I used to wait for ages to have a page load that when my first bill came it was close to $500 that my father almost had a heart attack! I don’t know which would have been worse, him catching me smoking or seeing me on the Internet after that. Now i’m writing this wireless, sitting on my toilet! (OK I was just kidding)
I’m currently working on a web development project and very much involved in the web world sometimes I feel that I’m behind in so many bits of it after taking it easy for a year.

Anyway my interest is still very much still there and trying to soak as much as I can learn. I came across this video on a blog and though it’ll best describe the evolution of the Internet since its 54kbps days. Daddy, keep calm when you watch this….


New LoOK!

February 20, 2007

bored.jpgHello there my few yet ever lovable Sheila Sutra readers.

Thought I’d get my arse in order yet again and see if I can do anything special with this blog. I’m a little bored with the design since everyone has got a more personal look to theirs and its pretty sad that I’d stick to my boring template. Thought I’d re-vamp it a little make it look more like my website. Everything is feeling like its going in slow-mo since the long weekend. Think I need to exercise again to get it working the way it should again.

Update me people!! Need to know what’s going on with you active lot.


What does Valentines Day mean to you??

February 15, 2007

I find it sweet when I see men going home from work carrying flowers.. I think its a sweet gesture that’s really personal and he doesn’t mind looking like a romantic wimp in a crowded train. That is why don’t find justice with the gigantic flowerpot of flowers delivered to offices. Its the kind of thing Donald Trump would do. Looks impressive but with very little substance.

Thanks G for the effort.

OK OK, Enough of me being soppy… Here’s some pictures of some really bad crashes

Life so far…

February 13, 2007

Its been 3.5 weeks and I’m surviving the weather. Working is taking up most of my time and I’m still looking for happy hour partners. (something I never ran short of in Singapore) I try put in a good 9 hours of work a day but everyone starts packing up to leave at 4.30. Anyway will post something more interesting about my life next time.

Pictures from our Bangers and Mash night.