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Spiderman, Concert & Work

May 15, 2007

We watched spiderman 3 last Thursday at the Imax theatre. Thought it wold be 3D but actually it was just watching it a bigger screen. We got there early and got good seats but I think the movie could have been better. I wasn’t totally impressed with the storyline and it all ended quite lame.
It was good to hang out with Surita and Dick though – Surita, care to post a comment on Spiderman. I know you read my blog so best say something… Hmmm….. at least about spidey! – Anyway apart from that, Saturday we went to watch Five 4 Fighting and ended enjoying the opening act ~ Chantal Kreviazuk even more!

All our friends even Garth didn’t know who these singers were whereas I was listening to them for years. So its very weird where you feel that there’s a particular style of music that really connects to you. Its great here you pay $25 and get to see them live! Don’t think these bands will ever come to Singapore.