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Your Secret, Sneaky Method for Getting Into Singapore Day – Grub Street – New York Magazine

April 20, 2007

Cheeky Bastards!
Here’s a follow-up of the many many people trying sneaky ways to get to the Singapore Day Event.
I feel sorry but they have to understand that we Singaporeans, (and only TRUE Singaporeans. Expats not included) will understand what it is like to live away from our home made favourite like Chicken Rice, Prawn Mee Soup, Laksa, Black Carrot Cake, Hokkien Mee, Mee Goreng Basah, Lontong…. *deep breadth*


Singapore Day NYC07

April 20, 2007


Singapore Day NYC07

BUGGER! Just found out about this today and tired getting tickets and ITS SOLD OUT!!!
Its a sad day for one Singaporean Girl. I badly need a chicken rice fix!

Anyway I realised that I’ve not been Blogging for some time now and I don’t think people even missed me. Hee hee Its OK, I’m not oblivious that this is probably view by 5 to 10 people per week. They probably got me from their searching for Karma Surta or Makan Sutra anything with a Sutra in it. I doubt you’ll get me with just Sheila.

Anyway there’s not much to blog about really. Been through some small changes with work but nothing poignant. Have not traveled much this past month. My friend Marc is in town and I’m looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

Soooo Tired

April 4, 2007

I feel like closing my eyes and lying my head down on my desk to sleep for 30 mins. However if I push on with work I can leave at a decent time. Friday is a public holiday for some and that includes ME!
I’m dreaming on sleeping till noon! *now I know that the most enjoyable things in life are actually the simplest things*

Someone emailed me this picture today, I’m actually proud when I talk about my country to those here in the US about how as a small nation, we’ve evolved to a first world country, our technology, our multiracial cultures and our superb education system. Unfortunately not when it comes to some Singaporeans, there’s bound to be some who are complete dim-wits who doesn’t know basic respect and courtesy.

Check this out…


BREITBART.COM – Soldier Gets 100 Years for Rape, Killing

February 23, 2007

BREITBART.COM – Soldier Gets 100 Years for Rape, Killing

I wonder why this story didn’t make it to the mainstream media yesterday. Makes me wonder what else goes on there that the public does not see.
Psychologist Charles Figley testified that Cortez and the other soldiers likely suffered stress brought on by fatigue and trauma.”It eats you up,” Figley said. “It’s a horrible thing. This is not unique. We’ve seen this in other wars.”
I do not believe that this statement made by Figley to be good enough proof for a trained solder to behave in such a way. People like him used the superiority to his advantage and despite the elements he would probably still a scumbag rapist lurking in the shadows.

I only can presume that such news don’t get dramatically plastered in the news because they don’t want a people having ill impressions about American solders because well… to be frank, they need more of them so dissing the rotten apples would probably put a lot of people off joining. I don’t know.. My lame thoughts on my own blog. However if anyone reading this have opinions of their own, please leave a comment.

Ciao for now!

Somthing to think about…

February 20, 2007


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Singaporean Teen Gets Convicted For “Stealing” Bandwidth

February 16, 2007

shockedpeople.jpgI was reading this post by Tony Hung about a 17 year old kid in Singapore being charged and now convicted for using someone else’s Internet bandwidth without permission!

The interesting thing about this was that he wasn’t caught and convicted because he was using someone else’s bandwidth to download porn or music or maybe hacking but he was cought for….. wait for it……………….CHATTING! Argh! All I can say is poor kid. So he got slapped with an 18 month probation without any Internet.. and is sent to seek treatment for his addiction to Internet gaming. (and they have global competition for these games mind you…) Adding to what he said in the blog.. about free wi-fi access are available in places like Changi airport and even McDonalds in almost all over the country/island. Shouldn’t the law just stick to crimes with the Internet to something more serious like hacking and the downloading of child pornography..

I read an article once in Singapore where two kids got done for exchanging music with each-other, and they were friends.. It was simply one guy sending Mp3 songs to another friend and because of that the police went into their homes and confiscated their computers. And mind you as a girl growing up in Singapore, I and many other girls I know have had encounters with sex maniacs hounding girls on the phone and being molested in trains and buses, or even animal abusers… I mean why can’t they focus a little more on these freaks walking out on the streets then some teens stealing someones broadband. Which by the way is not the kids fault, its the fault of the people that own the bandwidth. If they smart enough to have wireless Internet at home can’t they learn to put security on it??

The more technologically advanced we get in Singapore the more likely we’re doing something illegal and not knowing it.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.