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Miami this Weekend…. Alone!

June 14, 2007

I’m technically not going alone. I’ll be there with my friend Jyothi. My cousin Ramesh lives there now and will be fabulous to meet up and spend some time with him. Garth will be away on his own holiday to attend the weddings of two friends back in the UK.

There’s too many weddings this year and in all honesty, I personally am finding it hard to get time off to celebrate all of them. It took me forever to get to the states to work and now that I’m working here there’s only a number of days I can take time off! Bugger, well I don’t mean to sound so nasty but I actually enjoy my occational trips by to fun destinations on my own.
Meeting differnt people and enjoying out of the box experiences.

Because I can’t go to the UK, I decided to treat myself to some R&R by the pool in South Beach drinking taquilas and catching up on my reading,  bring some trash mags and enjoying the next two sunsets.

Everyone’s getting Married!

Deby & Evan: Dec 06 Mexico (went)
Tim and Sarah: March 07 UK (went)
Bristol Wedding #1 June 07 (not going)
Bristol Wedding #2 June 07 (not going)
Woody & Jil: July 07 Sing (going)
Emma & Dave: Oct 07 Bali (going)
Jeremy and Louise: Mar 08 UK (going)
Simon & Mel: Mar 08 Barbados (not sure)

Welcome to MIAMI! ~ Buenvenidos a Miami!!


I love Boston

January 16, 2007

bos.jpg Heard that its the first in 127 years where there hasn’t been snow this especially right now this time of year. The weather has been good to me and I’m sure soon its going to be freezing cold like it was a day while we were in Boston.

Our first trip out of state for Garth and I and we had a great time in Boston. It was last minute planning on my part since I had the most time to do it but instead I choose to book it at at midnight the day we left. Highly recommend going with Travelocity, the adverts are cheezy with that stupid roaming gnome popping up everywhere still better then the other one with William Shatner. We did a day’s walk in freezing conditions around the main historic streets of Boston re-enacting the last years of civil freedom from the British invasions. I didn’t really follow much of the history bits because in secondary school in Singapore didn’t really go much in depth on British’s history with America. ANYWAY…

We stumbled upon Cheers! The old pub from the series Cheers.


Jason, bought you a jersey finally but its of the Boston Patriots – Lord knows what they play. I think American football.

My thoughts of Boston:
Friendly bunch of peeps. Like the fact that they kept the old streets and shops that still gives you a feeling like you’re walking back in time to in the 1600s and plaques everywhere indicating bits of history here and there. No silly tax when you shop in Boston and shopping was actually a fun experience for a change without squeezing through 100 other shoppers. Airport security in Boston is so much more pleasant then in New York.

I’m Back and Black!!

December 20, 2006

Our holiday in Acapulco couldn’t be long enough. I never thought that I would have the best time just hanging out by the pool under the scorching sun, yes… having loads of pina coladas, rum punch, bloody mary’s… you name it we had it. We (as in Garth and I) got to know some very special people and we just felt very blessed to be there amongst everyone. I have gone 3 shades darker and now officially black!! Factor 70 and being under the brolly the whole time obviously didn’t help.

I sometime wish I have white skin at least to show off a healthy glowing tan and not just go black everytime. *sigh* oh well curse of the brown skin… It turns yellowish without sun and turns black with the sun. Some of the other eventful things we/I did;

1) Went to town and bought a silver pinkie ring and a bracelet. I can’t help but buy silver whilst in Mexico.. Its like going to Singapore and not eating Chili Crab.

2) We braved the beach despite the sharks and snakes and got totally bullied by the waves and even flashed a little bit of titties to the underwater fishies as the waves knocked me around.

3) Also got touched by an underwater snake (my skin still crawls whenever i think of it) Its presumed to be poisonous but not really to humans because of its small mouth. But sill a snake is a snake and it touched me and yes, I flipped out and jumped on the nearest and tallest person I saw.

4) Sipping Pina coladas by the pool for 3.5 days swapping stories with everyone and reading trashy gossip magazines thanks to Jyothi

5) Thursday’s dinner followed by Karaoke overlooking Acapulco bay! *STUNNING*

6) One of the best wedding’s I’ve ever been to. Ceremony and reception by the beach. Dancing till 3am. Was also my first Jewish/Mexican wedding.

7) Watching the cliff divers. It was a bit over-rated after paying $20usd to see just 3 dives. Learning that the movie where Elvis dives off the same cliff was all faux. He wasn’t even in Acapulco because he just decided to himself that he hates Mexico so they used a body double the whole time.

8) Oh and definitely the sunsets.. Going to miss that for sure.

Love, Hugs & Kisses

Time out in Acapulco…

December 12, 2006


My visit to Alcatraz

October 19, 2006

Alright its another day and another blog. This time its about my trip to Alcatraz two saturdays ago. I don’t why I didn’t write about this experience earlier. It was one of the best trips I’ve had being in San Francisco. A really humbling experience for someone who’s never been to prison or never seen the inside of a prison cell.

Some really interesting facts about Alcatraz:

1) Frank Wathernam, the last prisoner to leave Alcatraz (March 21, 1963)

2)The most famous escape attempt involved Frank Lee Morris, John William Anglin, and his brother Clarence Anglin. This great escape, which occurred on June 11, 1962, became the inspiration for many movies, including Escape from Alcatraz starring Clint Eastwood.

3)Although not directly responsible, the 1962 escape did lead officials to closely evaluate the costs and benefits of keeping Alcatraz operational. Ironically, the one thing that made it such a secure prison was also the thing that was causing its demise. The salt water from the bay had taken its toll on the island. The concrete in the cellhouse and other key structures on the island absorbed much of the salt and were quickly disintegrating. This is one of the things that made the 1962 escape attempt easier to pull off. It was estimated that it would take $5 million dollars to bring Alcatraz back up to standard. That was a price tag no one was in a hurry to pay. A survey also looked at operating costs for Alcatraz, compared to other mainland prisons. The survey found that while it cost $9.27/day to house and secure an inmate in mainland prisons, it cost $23.50/day to house and secure each inmate on Alcatraz.

4) The first Europeans who saw this island were Spaniards. They have named the Island as “Isla de los Alcatraces” what means Island of the Pelicans.

5) For one weekend each summer, 1,800 of the world’s best triathletes assemble in San Francisco for one of the most infamous and extreme sporting events…the Accenture Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. In it’s 29 years as a maximum-security prison, no one ever escaped alive from the menacing shores of Alcatraz. Every year, this popular event draws over 13,000 spectators to see who can accomplish that daunting task.


Don’t like beer but Oktoberfest was a must

October 15, 2006


Star Strucked!

October 10, 2006

OK I’m totally excited to share this with you…
So it was a Friday night and Garth and I wanted to go meet a friend Dave Buckle that used to work in Singapore that we’ve not seen for about 3 years. He’s living in the outskirts of San Fran and so happens to have some tickets to a concert here in the city. So we decided to meet up at this concert which was organized by a friend of his. (hence why he got free tickets) Turns out it was a concert for local bands to show their talent really.. we didn’t really pay attention to them we were more interested in chatting and drinking.

We sat down and chatted then we walked around the venue a little where we saw some Jazz players upstairs etc. etc.. then we wondered downstairs again because Garth was hungry and they were serving food. So we ate and hung around a bit. Then the concert started again, we thought it was going to be like the one they had earlier but this time we decided to stick around to see what the hype was all about.

Then I saw Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind enter the stage and started belting some oldie rock song and for a minute I was jumping like an excited groupie!! WOW! It was unbelievable. It just got better after that. One by one they kept coming up on stage and started performing. Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and even Slash from Guns & Roses! Garth and I were shitting ourselves by the end of the night! and Dave Buckle the big rock fan he was at the back screaming “Yayah” the whole time. It was just awesome!

Here’s the photos from the night and I would download a video of Chester Bennington with Slash rocking it but I’m figuring out how to depress the MPEG file size. (might take some time)

Love and Big Hugs,


In San Francisco.. Day #1

October 3, 2006

Hard to describe it in words how it feels to be in San Francisco. Especially after the journey it took to get here.
I arrived early Friday afternoon met Garth and Ian at the airport, we had lunch and after that I remember waking up on Sunday! hur hur hur I presume I floated through Saturday and had only pictures to remind me of what we did. Didn’t look too bad except my eyes were a lot larger then usual. We presume I was high wired with whatever bubbly I drank that night. Remember meeting loads of fabulous people (pictured) and having an orgasmic experience with some delicious stir-fried beef!!

Determined to get over this jet-lag and will write soon.
L.O.L Sxx


10 hours TRANSIT!!?

September 29, 2006

The great lengths I go through for a loved one.. Garth really feels sorry for me not being able to leave the airport during my 10 hour transit. Because I’ve been refused entry to Japan before I feel like I’ve kind of been black listed to the country all together. Which is a shame really because in an odd way despite what’s happened to me with Japan I still do like it.

I do feel a little bit of closure now that its my second attempt to enter the country this time while on transit but didn’t manage to. I’ve come to terms with it now and have made my peace. Especially when the immigration officers *bless their hearts are very sweet natured guys* one who sat me down to explain in the best English he could master as to why its not feasible for them to through an interview process with me in order to decide if they can let me into the country gave me some snack and shopping coupons and let me loose roaming around the terminal for 9 hours. Felt like Tom Hanks in the terminal for a bit, though I don’t think I would have survived as long as he did in JFK especially when New York city was just outside the airport sliding doors!!

Anyway its a tick in another box of my life’s great experiences and on my dying bed I can tell my grandchildren that their sassy old granny was rejected from a country for being too fabulous. (will twist and turn the story as I get older for sure to make myself look good in the eyes of my grand kids)

So thumbs up to a great start to what I can predict to be an interesting 3 months! So what did I do during my wait? Well thank goodness to my great foresight on buying a fun book “How to walk in High Heels”, nothing morbid or depressing. I did loads of reading and when I got tired I rested my head on the next chair and took a nap.. then got up when window shopping through all the lovely expensive duty free shops and contemplated getting something disgustingly expensive for myself then thought against it. Had some starbucks! (life saver!) then sat read some more.. Check emails, called Garth and bitched about the wait and then read some more.. Took another nap and now I finally propped up my comp. to document this lovely ‘nirvana calmness’ I’m experiencing from doing F**k all for the past 8 hours. Managed to translate some Japanese toiletries and got myself some face wash, moisturizer and breadth mints and freshened up so as to not look too much like DEATH! Also had some lovely sushi and now killing my last two hours before I take off again. *yippie!!*

Alright battery’s running low and need to do some quick searches before I close my computer till I arrive in San Fran.
Will post the pictures on my whereabouts in Narita for ya’ll to see..

God Bless and Big Hugs!



September 25, 2006

This is so exciting! I’m planning to take a long trip to San Francisco to go see my beloved boyfriend and hopefully to enjoy a bit of the high life.. because I’ve been so ‘unprofessional’ at starting this blog I’ve decided to document every bit of my fun trip so all my lovely kawan-kawan (friends) and family can check-up on me. Nosy Mommy if you’re hearing this I MEAN YOU! You can finally know what you’re big pain in the ass daughter is up to.. Keep your eyes on this space for more updates.

Peace and Love