Fishing Tonight

Gone FishingI’m delighted to do something different today. Someone invited us to go fishing down the Hudson River. If I recall my previous fishing trips it involved sitting around watch the men just hold on to their rods – like as in fishing poles ok! and us ‘simple minded’ lasses just watched. So usually I would just have some beers keep asking why we haven’t cought any fish yet!

This is when the guys would come up with lame excuses that there isn’t any fish in this river blah blah blah… excuses excuses, and when they DO catch a tiny fish they think they act like they cought a Barracuda.

Anyway that’s my experience with fishing. This time its for REALZ YA’LL! Even I’m going to do it! Thought it’ll be a boat with people anchoring their poles and sitting chatting and drinking beers while watching the sunset. (thought I wouldn’t mind doing that too..) After checking out the website, its serious fishing in the Hudson.


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