Second Life

simplelife.jpg I’m not sure how many of you have heard of this portal called Second Life. Karen told me about it and if you decide to join come look for me. My name is Sheilz Tomsen! Hahahah  You can create your first name but you’ll have to choose from a list of last names listed out for you to use.


Its actually pretty cool the fist DAY I spent checking it out! Yes I was on it for almost a whole day just playing around and getting Sheilz into character. Sheilz is my “Avatar” and you can change every detailed feature of your avatar, cheekbones, lips, hair, nails, eyebrows… everything. You can even buy islands, watch live concerts all with real money but with an different exchange rate (linden dollars) of course and just create your second life there!

I’ve not done much or gone into actually buying land and having kids there yet. My real life isn’t that boring to spend that much time playing this. Website give lots of explanations on how it works but best is just to sign-up get a character and just test it out. There’s some initial downloading involved but it’ll only take you about 5 mins. Let me know how you go and maybe you can join me and Deby buy an island and get naked and charge a fortune for property!! We’ll make a KILLING!


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