Alone no more & Shakespeare in the Park

OK Garth is back! Yippie! Did I have fun by myself? HELL YEA!! Didn’t have time to think about anything else, have been busy with work and after work gym and after gym movie and dinner at home with whatever chick flick I wanted to watch. (last night we watched smoke and aces ~ Blah..) Also made it to the Met and the roof deck for drinks with friends. ( I wonder how come I never made it there when Garth is in town Hmmm…) Anyway all I mean to say is that I got to do things that I wanted to do without having to worry about not spending time with someone else. Saturday I went to yoga, bought lunch and cycled to the park and continued reading on the grass and had a nap. Karen and April arrived later and I joined them and we just lay chatting till 5ish – 6.

If you have a chance to catch Romeo and Juliet in the park go and do it! ~ Thanks D for waiting 3 hrs for tickets. It was really beautiful with Belvedere Castle as the backdrop to a very stylish set! Thought that Juliet’s performance was very orgasmic! ~ She shakes her head a whole lot like she’s in a trance (from where I sat, I saw the back of her head most of the time). Overall it was a true new york city experience!


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