Miami this Weekend…. Alone!

I’m technically not going alone. I’ll be there with my friend Jyothi. My cousin Ramesh lives there now and will be fabulous to meet up and spend some time with him. Garth will be away on his own holiday to attend the weddings of two friends back in the UK.

There’s too many weddings this year and in all honesty, I personally am finding it hard to get time off to celebrate all of them. It took me forever to get to the states to work and now that I’m working here there’s only a number of days I can take time off! Bugger, well I don’t mean to sound so nasty but I actually enjoy my occational trips by to fun destinations on my own.
Meeting differnt people and enjoying out of the box experiences.

Because I can’t go to the UK, I decided to treat myself to some R&R by the pool in South Beach drinking taquilas and catching up on my reading,  bring some trash mags and enjoying the next two sunsets.

Everyone’s getting Married!

Deby & Evan: Dec 06 Mexico (went)
Tim and Sarah: March 07 UK (went)
Bristol Wedding #1 June 07 (not going)
Bristol Wedding #2 June 07 (not going)
Woody & Jil: July 07 Sing (going)
Emma & Dave: Oct 07 Bali (going)
Jeremy and Louise: Mar 08 UK (going)
Simon & Mel: Mar 08 Barbados (not sure)

Welcome to MIAMI! ~ Buenvenidos a Miami!!


4 Responses to “Miami this Weekend…. Alone!”

  1. anita Says:

    hey babe! tell me ’bout it. everyone’s getting married, seems to be the latest fad. =O

  2. Sheila Says:

    Hola! ~ I think its the age thing. Its dawning on me now that my birthday is coming up that I’m actually getting closer to the big 30!!!
    I love weddings but the thing I hate most about it is when people start asking us when WE plan to tie the knot. Ayoh! I want to sit on the singles table please!

  3. anita Says:

    can u believe it? we met like 10 yrs ago! HAHAHAHA

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