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Drunk as a skunk on a Tuesday!!!

May 16, 2007

Met Ranu after work for some drinks while Garth went to watch the Mets with Rod (aka Elvis). I had a better time though drinking an apple martini at a 14 floor dodgy bar called Me’Bar just next to the empire state building… you can tell I’m drunk because I just spelled Empire State Building without caps… Then again I just did it with caps.. I’m more drunk then I thought I was. Typing nonsense. I’m not going to use spell check this time because its bollocks!!! I can’t spell very well folks its only because I’ve lived on the computer and there’s always been a spell-check handy to use. Also if you’re dating and english bloke who’s a walking spellcheck, who needs it.. one of those things in life where you really didn’t need to know.. Like is in Secondary school Home Econ Class where they thought us how to make doughnuts or sew a skirt. They should have thought us money management where we would learn to invest in money and we could have bought a gazillion skirts and doughnuts…

Anyway I’m rambling on. Sorry Surita I really contemplated deeply on going to the Buddha bar with you. I’ve never Been! and I really wanted to go but I was stuffing myself at the time you called because I was so drunk that I needed to eat something so that I could manage going home and sleeping early for work tomorrow .. Next time K??



Spiderman, Concert & Work

May 15, 2007

We watched spiderman 3 last Thursday at the Imax theatre. Thought it wold be 3D but actually it was just watching it a bigger screen. We got there early and got good seats but I think the movie could have been better. I wasn’t totally impressed with the storyline and it all ended quite lame.
It was good to hang out with Surita and Dick though – Surita, care to post a comment on Spiderman. I know you read my blog so best say something… Hmmm….. at least about spidey! – Anyway apart from that, Saturday we went to watch Five 4 Fighting and ended enjoying the opening act ~ Chantal Kreviazuk even more!

All our friends even Garth didn’t know who these singers were whereas I was listening to them for years. So its very weird where you feel that there’s a particular style of music that really connects to you. Its great here you pay $25 and get to see them live! Don’t think these bands will ever come to Singapore.

O Sen Sen Sen… !

May 9, 2007

Ay! Arriba y Arriba!!!

This song sent to me by one of our Acapulco Poolside Posse, Will.C yesterday to commemorate the beautiful warm spring.

I want to pack my bags wear my sarong and bikini with a gigantinc summer hat and head down to the Carribian somewhere and dance on the beach with all my Poolside Posses drinking Rum Punch and just basking in the smell and sounds so deliciously toxic.

~ *Haiz* ~

Unfortunately I’m here in the office imagining this. My bum is itchy again I think its that time we look at going somewhere.

Little Britain in the Big Apple

May 7, 2007

Tea and Sympathy

Little Britain in the Big Apple

Tea & Sympathy is one of Garth’s haven in NYC for some home cooking just like Singapore Cafe is mine! We went there Sunday for roast and fish & chips and we met owners Nicky Perry and Sean Kavanagh-Dowsett. Sean told us that he made Keifer Sutherland wear a T-shirt in LA and made sure he got himself photographed wearing it for support! He knows all celebs living in NY. We saw Stephen Dourf at their store the last time we were there. Our closest thing to knowing a celebrity.

There’s curry hill which I go to to get my ingredients for my curry. There’s also a Chinatown and a little Italy. So why not have a Little Britain?! They need their PG Tips, Cadburys, Ribenas, HP Sauce… For Indians its a given really we need spices everyone loves a good curry so there’s a need to go somewhere where you can get everything curry related. There need to be a place for the Chinese to feel at home in and so hence Chinatown. My freakin Singapore Cafe needs to be somewhere! The Mafia would crave a bowl of pasta once in a while.

So please vote for a little Britain. At least you’ll know where not to go to avoid the Brits!! hee hee…