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Little girl and Monsters

March 28, 2007

Oh this little girl is so cute. CLICK HERE


The Statue of Lady Liberty~

March 26, 2007

golden_statue.jpgIts amaizing to see the Statue of Liberty so up close and personal especially on a boat where the view of it is so clear and the reality of it so similar to how millions of immigrants would have felt when they saw it for the first time arriving to America.

Its an overwhelming experience just traveling on a boat and trying to feel what these people probably felt after weeks and weeks of being in sea and finally coming up to America and seeing the first symbol of the country welcoming them to their shores. (the film Titanic comes to mind when what’s her face sees the statue of liberty after Leo dies..) Wow~! I can’t imagine how that must have felt like in the 1800’s. It was equally exciting to see Brooklyn Bridge. The time it was made it was the worlds longest bridge, and its gothic design just blends in perfectly to the old-designed stone building you find everywhere in NYC.

We needed a drink after that as a tone of energy was knocked out of us on the boat. The water was choppy and we wouldn’t stand straight to take a picture. Also the cold wind just bitch slapped us throught the whole journey. It was a good weekend thought. Sad I missed my Mom’s Birthday in Singers. Dad’s going to be 60 next month and I have no idea what to get him!

Guess no one has any ideas.. Anyone? Ideas?…………….. No?

Show strom in NY and wedding in London

March 16, 2007

How oh how should I blog about this almost F**ked weekend?


Celebrity Sighting #5

March 15, 2007

Thought I’d blog this as a memorable Tuesday as I saw Kevin Bacon on my way home from work! He was walking towards me and I smiled and he smiled and that was that. I now presume that he probably lives on my street as Garth saw his wife Kyra Sedgwick at the grocery store at the corner of our street.

I suppose when you live in New York you’re bound to bump into celebrities once in a while but I have to admit bumping into Kevin Bacon or Stephen Dorff is so much better then Zoe Tay or Taufic.

Curry House

March 12, 2007

curry_house1.jpg Hello Maties! Its been a very quick week but a busy one as well. We had a little work gathering last Wednesday for someone who is sick with cancer. He used to work with almost half of everyone in my office previously in a different company. A little concert was put together at The Cutting Room. It ended up being rammed with people and the whole night was a complete blur. I remember sitting down with my coat to go home at 1am too tipsy for a Wednesday night.

However before the week was through, Garth and I decided to organise a little get-to-gether for Nico and Romina. (This will be our third farewell gathering.) I guess we just can’t get enough of them and we’re going to miss them terribly.

The Machine is Us/ing Us!

March 2, 2007

Have you ever wondered how computers have evolved in such a short span of time.

I used to tell this joke of when I first started using the Internet when I was 15 years old (I was a late bloomer) and my dial-up was running 54kbps! I used to wait for ages to have a page load that when my first bill came it was close to $500 that my father almost had a heart attack! I don’t know which would have been worse, him catching me smoking or seeing me on the Internet after that. Now i’m writing this wireless, sitting on my toilet! (OK I was just kidding)
I’m currently working on a web development project and very much involved in the web world sometimes I feel that I’m behind in so many bits of it after taking it easy for a year.

Anyway my interest is still very much still there and trying to soak as much as I can learn. I came across this video on a blog and though it’ll best describe the evolution of the Internet since its 54kbps days. Daddy, keep calm when you watch this….


I’m Easily Entertained

March 1, 2007

Snowboarding Weekend

March 1, 2007

OK time to write about my weekend snowboarding.
I LOVED IT!! We had such a great time. Garth as usual, a snowboarding nut made the rest of us look pathetic. However I didn’t feel I was bad at all. I officially CAN snowboard. I ROCK! After many many… many attempts of trying, it goes to show that practice does make perfect. There were seven of us April, Romina, Nico, Jim, Anna Garth and I. We rented a lodge with a huge fireplace so Saturday after boarding and skiing the whole day we chilled out, had some beer and wine. Made pasta, sat by the fire and got ourselves shit-faced enough to play pool then watch sex and the city then dragged our asses off to bed. Next day we were all in agony but still managed to sneak in another half a day of snowboarding. Then we drove on back to the city. A short but lovely weekend indeed.

Its a shame that my brother Terence has not yet tried snowboarding. This would be the perfect sport for him.. 😦 I should try to get him over for the next trip.

A few key bits of information I’ve learned along the way;

1) Get protection: Bum pads, wrist guards, knee pads and helmet are a must. Its worth the investment. Injuries just stops you from improving and really, being in pain is not going to help you focus. In fact it makes you loose confidence.

2) Bend you knees: Just keep it bent.. I know its a balance thing and not wanting to get to the physics of it, just bend those knees!

3) Know your limits: If you’re tired then take a break. Even if its just sitting on the snow and just catching your breadth.. or just have a cup of hot chocolate and get your energy back. Snowboarding is the best time to have french fries. Somehow I need the salt and the carbs are perfect for the cold and the tiredness. Plus, you know you’re going to burn it off easily. If you’re done with the day and just too tired then stop snowboarding.

4) Make sure your boots and bindings are on TIGHT: It hurts like shit at the end of the day. But that’s what hot baths are for. You can always loosen your boots when your not snowboarding but it sure made a lot of difference having my boots on real tight and tightly secured onto the board as well.

5) Bring pain killers: Needs no explanation.