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Was back in Singers… Now back in NY

January 29, 2007

Was meaning to write a blog while being back in Singapore but now I’m back in Yorkers so going to write about it anyway…

What I basically did in Singapore was get paper work and everything done for me to start work here. So while I was there doing that, I was so spun-around with other things like meeting up with all my peeps – Doing the usual 3am coffeeshop Tea and Mee Goreng and eating, eating and did I mention eating??

Garth had a list of things he needed which basically took up 2 whole days of wondering around the whole of Singapore. But I enjoyed getting out and the accomplishment of crossing things out one by one from my ‘to do’ list. It was good being back and hanging out doing the things I used to do so easily before like meeting up with Kavi till the wee hours in the morning at our local chatting, enjoying the all the food! I know people wonder when I keep talking about food. I’M SERIOUS THE FOOD IN SINGAPORE IS UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU’LL EVER TASTE ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. I can say that because i have travelled and Nothing Compares to a good plate of Chicken Rice when you’re extremely hungry. Or a plate of Roti Prata for supper at 4am after a long night of clubbing. See what I mean

Ok get my arse up and out. Its pretty cold in NY and my body just tends to go into hibernation mode here.

Missing Home.

Love and Hugs – Sxxx


I love Boston

January 16, 2007

bos.jpg Heard that its the first in 127 years where there hasn’t been snow this especially right now this time of year. The weather has been good to me and I’m sure soon its going to be freezing cold like it was a day while we were in Boston.

Our first trip out of state for Garth and I and we had a great time in Boston. It was last minute planning on my part since I had the most time to do it but instead I choose to book it at at midnight the day we left. Highly recommend going with Travelocity, the adverts are cheezy with that stupid roaming gnome popping up everywhere still better then the other one with William Shatner. We did a day’s walk in freezing conditions around the main historic streets of Boston re-enacting the last years of civil freedom from the British invasions. I didn’t really follow much of the history bits because in secondary school in Singapore didn’t really go much in depth on British’s history with America. ANYWAY…

We stumbled upon Cheers! The old pub from the series Cheers.


Jason, bought you a jersey finally but its of the Boston Patriots – Lord knows what they play. I think American football.

My thoughts of Boston:
Friendly bunch of peeps. Like the fact that they kept the old streets and shops that still gives you a feeling like you’re walking back in time to in the 1600s and plaques everywhere indicating bits of history here and there. No silly tax when you shop in Boston and shopping was actually a fun experience for a change without squeezing through 100 other shoppers. Airport security in Boston is so much more pleasant then in New York.

Its been a blast but now its time to go home…

January 11, 2007

Hey Mama! I’m COMING home!

Getting tickets finalised at the moment and i’m hoping to be back on the 20th which means I have to leave on the 18th. Can you imagine what a long journey its going to be! *YIKES*

New Year and New Beginning

January 8, 2007

Hello! Happy New Year Everyone!

First blog of the New Year. Sorry if I’ve been such an ‘arse’ and not writing for this long. (not like i’ve got hoards of fans waiting in bated breadth to read my blog – Thank you for reading guys!) Been quite busy enjoying the holidays. Garth’s baby brother Ross along with his Girlfriend Melissa were in New York enjoying the holidays with us so we pretty much did all the touristy things and went to watch the New York Jets at Madison Square Garden – VERY GOOD! and on New Year’s Eve we watch the New York Jets – We didn’t get this game, so we didn’t really enjoy it, we left 1.5hrs into the game.

Instead of me blabbing about what we did, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Love and Peace for the new year.