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Ho HO HO!!!

December 26, 2006


Merry Christmas Everyone!!

This is the first time I’ve spent Christmas away from home. My parents had a Christmas party this year again as they always do every year. I had a very quiet one for a change. Friday we had friends over to watch a movie and Saturday we went to April’s for effnog and cookies! We had the best time and came Christmas Eve it was just Garth and I we went and did major grocery shopping at the Brit Store then to China Town for some meat and seafood to put in the freezer. I went to get Garth’s present at the last minute. We missed Church because we messed up with information on timing, so we were pretty upset and we went to watch Apolcolypto. (Will leave my thoughts on the movie another time)

Garth got the Garmen Edge 305 where as I got a Specialized Sirrus. I love it! Taken it for a ride a couple of times already but really feel a bit nervous cycling in New York without a helmet so will need to get that soon.



I’m Back and Black!!

December 20, 2006

Our holiday in Acapulco couldn’t be long enough. I never thought that I would have the best time just hanging out by the pool under the scorching sun, yes… having loads of pina coladas, rum punch, bloody mary’s… you name it we had it. We (as in Garth and I) got to know some very special people and we just felt very blessed to be there amongst everyone. I have gone 3 shades darker and now officially black!! Factor 70 and being under the brolly the whole time obviously didn’t help.

I sometime wish I have white skin at least to show off a healthy glowing tan and not just go black everytime. *sigh* oh well curse of the brown skin… It turns yellowish without sun and turns black with the sun. Some of the other eventful things we/I did;

1) Went to town and bought a silver pinkie ring and a bracelet. I can’t help but buy silver whilst in Mexico.. Its like going to Singapore and not eating Chili Crab.

2) We braved the beach despite the sharks and snakes and got totally bullied by the waves and even flashed a little bit of titties to the underwater fishies as the waves knocked me around.

3) Also got touched by an underwater snake (my skin still crawls whenever i think of it) Its presumed to be poisonous but not really to humans because of its small mouth. But sill a snake is a snake and it touched me and yes, I flipped out and jumped on the nearest and tallest person I saw.

4) Sipping Pina coladas by the pool for 3.5 days swapping stories with everyone and reading trashy gossip magazines thanks to Jyothi

5) Thursday’s dinner followed by Karaoke overlooking Acapulco bay! *STUNNING*

6) One of the best wedding’s I’ve ever been to. Ceremony and reception by the beach. Dancing till 3am. Was also my first Jewish/Mexican wedding.

7) Watching the cliff divers. It was a bit over-rated after paying $20usd to see just 3 dives. Learning that the movie where Elvis dives off the same cliff was all faux. He wasn’t even in Acapulco because he just decided to himself that he hates Mexico so they used a body double the whole time.

8) Oh and definitely the sunsets.. Going to miss that for sure.

Love, Hugs & Kisses

Time out in Acapulco…

December 12, 2006


Had an eye infection

December 10, 2006

Received legendary status for my curry night on Friday and everything was a smashing success even with one of the worst eye infection i’ve ever had in history… It developed from a whole day of cooking and by using the bloody circulating vents at home. Couldn’t see for a whole day and had to go to the doctors the next morning (the day of the party) then got referred to on optomologist (we call them opticians in Singapore) went home and slept for 5 hours and took loads of pain killers to get me through the night.

It was a success at the end of the day worth the eye infection and got through the night with a lot of tissues.. Will get photos up soon. Looking forward to alcopoco Tuesday!!!







Dinner Party and Holiday Shopping

December 7, 2006

Its starting to get pretty cold here so Surita and I drove down to New Jearsey to Woodbury Commons to get some much needed winter jacket and boots! Got myself a pair of ultra sweet Kenneth Cole boots for $140 buckaroo’s. – Oh well it was much needed. Was very sweet of Surita to drive me and follow me around the shops, I have to admit I did go pretty crazy there as its THE place to go shopping whiles in New York.


Tomorrow Friday the 8th will have 13 people over for our long awaited curry night. I’ve put myself in the daunting task of cooking for 15 people. So did massive grocery shopping yesterday. Something which is just a few blocks away from home in Singapore but here had to take two trains and 45 mins to get to China Town. *Sigh* Why must things be so expensive here??… Anyway it was WAY cheaper in China Town and didn’t cost me much to get 2lb Prawns, 4lb chicken, 2lb pork and 3lb fish. (about $20) Yes shit loads of food to cook today. Felt like my mom when I was cutting and preparing meat and seafood last night. I silently thanked God for the person who invented Zip Lock bags. As it comes in very handy for situations like this where you have to store meat and seafood in the fridge along with our normal food and it stopped the stinking. *sigh* the silent appreciation to that indeed!