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Happy ThanksGiving!

November 24, 2006


Managed to get my arse in order and embed some videos on from my digital camera. Finally these videos can be shared. My difficulty was finding a freeware software for me to convert my videos to a more Internet friendly format and file-size that was good for a Macintosh.

This was taken a month ago almost in San Francisco with this beautiful view of the San Francisco Bridge.

Yesterday was Thanks Giving and we had a great time stuffing our faces with turkey, all the different mash you can think of.. Also had my first taste of American Apple and Pumpkin Pie. It was a fabulous night at Garth’s Bosses house. It was very warming to be amidst family although it wasn’t ours. You know what I mean when you’ve been away from yours for a bit, any family will do.


Lots have happened!!

November 17, 2006

Its been a while since I’ve written and since then, loads have happened…
Britney Spears broke up just 2 months after giving birth, Tom and Katie is getting married tomorrow, my friends Dave and Emma had a baby yesterday! (~Nina Belle~), Dancing with the Stars is over and Mario Lopez didn’t win (YAY!). I’m sure a few significant people have died but I don’t know anyone personally which is good! Garth and I have been back in NY for a week and Garth went back to SF last tuesday. First time spending a week alone in NY! I’ve not done much but I’m looking forward to an eventful weekend. I did watch a movie on Wednesday – Stranger Then Fiction – I did like it but I would consider it a good DVD rental, and I would have rather watched James Bond or something more cinema worthy.

Anyway nothing to talk about this week really as apart from what’s been happening in the rest of the world.. Anyway been looking for pictures of myself to put on this blog. I’ve been looking hard for a good picture as all the pictures I have with me in it look retarded. So found one which I look semi-retarded in which is alright for now until I have the time to come up with something better. I’ve also found these two pictures which brought back a lot of sweet memories.
Lots of Love,