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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2006

Ola Everyone! Was just reminded that it’s Halloween today thought personally I don’t give two hoots about it as its not something I celebrate but the thought of dressing up sounds fun but you don’t have to wait for halloween to do it. (Costumes are more expensive during this time anyway) – Didn’t I just sound so INDIAN then! *yikes!!*


Just got back from a long weekend in London (to surprise Garth’s brother for his 40th Birthday-will post some pictures of that event soon!)

Alright some fun stuff…

Project Runway, aren’t you disappointed that Uli lost?! I thought she had some really beautiful stuff during her Fashion Week runway show but sadly the a** Jeffery won. Oh well he doesn’t have the best of attitudes but I suppose anyone who’s ever contemplated suicide has got to be pretty messed up ‘up there’ Anyway this website is quite interesting. (will keep you entertained for about 10mins)

All project runway fans: Check out this website (click on image)



New Clogs and Other Fun Stuff

October 25, 2006

Hi Everybody,
Time to talk SHOP! Vimmy and Resh I hope you’re reading this you’ll be so proud of my purchase and at the most fabulous price as well. Resh remember we went shopping in Guess at Takashimaya and I was looking at this lovely clogs I didn’t get that but I got this lovely pair from Banana Republic. Check out the website to view some of their other stuff on sale.
Click to view site
Walked into Paul Frank as well and saw these very very very cute beach cruisers in shop. They’re going for about $360 USD. According to Garth its “Cheap as Chips”! Very NICE!
Aku Cruiser (Green)Orange Julius BikeThe Clancy Cruiser (Blue)

Our long walk

October 24, 2006

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Yesterday I went to watch another movie alone… (Kavi see I do it overseas as well – I’m still a looser!) hahaha Anyway I watched last kiss and YES I cried. It was a great way to spend a monday night. Ordered pizza and went for a movie. A lovely date with myself. By the time I went to bed I was tired of listning to myself. (I know I’m quite creepy)

zach_1-copy.jpg Great movie but bring lots of tissues.
So I had a great weekend. Had some odd brandy hot chololate at this old Tosca Cafe and on Saturday Garth and I went for a looooong walk down golden gate park all the way to presidio national park and took a fabulous taxi ride with two great ladies! We saw some beautiful homes and the park walk was very healing. It was a perfect day and at night we met up with Ian, Steva, Ultan and Ranu with a couple of her girlfriends and by that time my legs were about to fall off from all that walking.

Well that was my saturday in a nutshell. Trying my best to keep you updated with the going-ons’. Looking forward to more comments. (really these are just there for you to keep in touch with everyone as well)

Love Hugs and Kisses

Brandy in Hot Chololate?? Yummy and Lethal – BAD COMBINATION!!


My visit to Alcatraz

October 19, 2006

Alright its another day and another blog. This time its about my trip to Alcatraz two saturdays ago. I don’t why I didn’t write about this experience earlier. It was one of the best trips I’ve had being in San Francisco. A really humbling experience for someone who’s never been to prison or never seen the inside of a prison cell.

Some really interesting facts about Alcatraz:

1) Frank Wathernam, the last prisoner to leave Alcatraz (March 21, 1963)

2)The most famous escape attempt involved Frank Lee Morris, John William Anglin, and his brother Clarence Anglin. This great escape, which occurred on June 11, 1962, became the inspiration for many movies, including Escape from Alcatraz starring Clint Eastwood.

3)Although not directly responsible, the 1962 escape did lead officials to closely evaluate the costs and benefits of keeping Alcatraz operational. Ironically, the one thing that made it such a secure prison was also the thing that was causing its demise. The salt water from the bay had taken its toll on the island. The concrete in the cellhouse and other key structures on the island absorbed much of the salt and were quickly disintegrating. This is one of the things that made the 1962 escape attempt easier to pull off. It was estimated that it would take $5 million dollars to bring Alcatraz back up to standard. That was a price tag no one was in a hurry to pay. A survey also looked at operating costs for Alcatraz, compared to other mainland prisons. The survey found that while it cost $9.27/day to house and secure an inmate in mainland prisons, it cost $23.50/day to house and secure each inmate on Alcatraz.

4) The first Europeans who saw this island were Spaniards. They have named the Island as “Isla de los Alcatraces” what means Island of the Pelicans.

5) For one weekend each summer, 1,800 of the world’s best triathletes assemble in San Francisco for one of the most infamous and extreme sporting events…the Accenture Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. In it’s 29 years as a maximum-security prison, no one ever escaped alive from the menacing shores of Alcatraz. Every year, this popular event draws over 13,000 spectators to see who can accomplish that daunting task.


Finally out of the city

October 16, 2006

Hello everybody!
Hope everyone had a good weekend. Although its been fabulous being here for the past couple of weeks. I can’t help but miss all my hommies. Hope everyone is doing great and being your happy selves as always.

We (Garth, Ultan, Surita & I) finally got ourselves out of the city last weekend and we hired a mustang convertible. We drove down Napa Valley and down Sanoma to the various vineyards for a bit of cruising and drinking. Well when I say cruising.. it involved Surita and I sitting in the back seat freezing our butts off!! Though the sun was shining at its brightest it didn’t help us with the wind. Anyway we didn’t do much wine tasting but it didn’t stop Garth purchasing two cases of red wine. (Looking forward to getting trolleyed this thanks giving and Christmas!)

It was my first time driving outside of Singapore and on the opposite side of road! Well Garth’s verbal lack of confidence in my driving skills didn’t help so I gave him a piece of my mind and gracefully walked to the drivers side and drove us from one vineyard to the other. It was great driving a mustang.. not totally my kind of car. I don’t see myself as a sports car type of girl but it definitely has inspired me to drive more so especially out of the city as its the BEST way to see the country and to do the things the locals do. My dream car would be a mini convertible because I’m shit in parallel parking.

Don’t like beer but Oktoberfest was a must

October 15, 2006



October 13, 2006

Hello Hello Peeps!

Its kind of dawned on me that not many people know about my blog. After chatting with Jason yesterday he didn’t even realize that I even left Singapore. “Sorry Jason, this is totally my fault.” Don’t think I’ve made much of an effort to inform everyone about my whereabouts or even my doings. Well this is the main reason why I decided to create this blog for everyone so that I can keep in touch anywhere and at anytime.

Well so this is my second week here, have been having a ball of a time so far. Serita came down from New York and we spend the day together exploring the city. It was my third time going to fisherman’s Wharfs and we ate a lovely deep-fried seafood platter. (Kavi- my thoughts was with you the whole time) Then we walked and walked and walked and walked again. All 6 hours of it!! We walked to this beautiful street of houses. I love pretty houses!! The houses I saw was like a dream and I think I have a new focus in life and that is to get myself a lovely house like that. Working my tits off makes it worth it. This is the greatest thing about traveling to me is the inspiration. Meeting all kinds of people and wonderful places. Even if the place is shyte there’s probably a little street or a great person with a great personality which could turn it all around and give you such great inspiration.

So guys will have to brace myself and one day get into property. I’m determined to go back and take pictures (if I don’t get arrested first) and will post it for everyone to see.

This evening I’m going to Fort Mason for a Oktoberfest in Fort Mason so that should be fun! I’m pulling Serita along and together we’ll try to convice Aarti to open her doors and allow us to use her Jacuzzi. (might have to throw in a bottle of campers)

Be Inspired,

Star Strucked!

October 10, 2006

OK I’m totally excited to share this with you…
So it was a Friday night and Garth and I wanted to go meet a friend Dave Buckle that used to work in Singapore that we’ve not seen for about 3 years. He’s living in the outskirts of San Fran and so happens to have some tickets to a concert here in the city. So we decided to meet up at this concert which was organized by a friend of his. (hence why he got free tickets) Turns out it was a concert for local bands to show their talent really.. we didn’t really pay attention to them we were more interested in chatting and drinking.

We sat down and chatted then we walked around the venue a little where we saw some Jazz players upstairs etc. etc.. then we wondered downstairs again because Garth was hungry and they were serving food. So we ate and hung around a bit. Then the concert started again, we thought it was going to be like the one they had earlier but this time we decided to stick around to see what the hype was all about.

Then I saw Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind enter the stage and started belting some oldie rock song and for a minute I was jumping like an excited groupie!! WOW! It was unbelievable. It just got better after that. One by one they kept coming up on stage and started performing. Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and even Slash from Guns & Roses! Garth and I were shitting ourselves by the end of the night! and Dave Buckle the big rock fan he was at the back screaming “Yayah” the whole time. It was just awesome!

Here’s the photos from the night and I would download a video of Chester Bennington with Slash rocking it but I’m figuring out how to depress the MPEG file size. (might take some time)

Love and Big Hugs,


Missing my Rasam, Chicken Paratal, Mee Goreng and Nasi Lemak…

October 5, 2006

It hasn’t been a week in lovely SF and I’m already craving for my home made delights!! I live for good food and nothing is better then the lovely variety I always enjoy in Singers. I’m not sure why I can’t bring myself to eat Pasta, Risotto or even Rib Eye steak more then once a week. Personally nothing taste good without spice. If its not soaked with chili its not going to be good enough for me.

Anyway here’s a short list of some of my favorite bites..
List of my Favourate Food

In San Francisco.. Day #1

October 3, 2006

Hard to describe it in words how it feels to be in San Francisco. Especially after the journey it took to get here.
I arrived early Friday afternoon met Garth and Ian at the airport, we had lunch and after that I remember waking up on Sunday! hur hur hur I presume I floated through Saturday and had only pictures to remind me of what we did. Didn’t look too bad except my eyes were a lot larger then usual. We presume I was high wired with whatever bubbly I drank that night. Remember meeting loads of fabulous people (pictured) and having an orgasmic experience with some delicious stir-fried beef!!

Determined to get over this jet-lag and will write soon.
L.O.L Sxx