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10 hours TRANSIT!!?

September 29, 2006

The great lengths I go through for a loved one.. Garth really feels sorry for me not being able to leave the airport during my 10 hour transit. Because I’ve been refused entry to Japan before I feel like I’ve kind of been black listed to the country all together. Which is a shame really because in an odd way despite what’s happened to me with Japan I still do like it.

I do feel a little bit of closure now that its my second attempt to enter the country this time while on transit but didn’t manage to. I’ve come to terms with it now and have made my peace. Especially when the immigration officers *bless their hearts are very sweet natured guys* one who sat me down to explain in the best English he could master as to why its not feasible for them to through an interview process with me in order to decide if they can let me into the country gave me some snack and shopping coupons and let me loose roaming around the terminal for 9 hours. Felt like Tom Hanks in the terminal for a bit, though I don’t think I would have survived as long as he did in JFK especially when New York city was just outside the airport sliding doors!!

Anyway its a tick in another box of my life’s great experiences and on my dying bed I can tell my grandchildren that their sassy old granny was rejected from a country for being too fabulous. (will twist and turn the story as I get older for sure to make myself look good in the eyes of my grand kids)

So thumbs up to a great start to what I can predict to be an interesting 3 months! So what did I do during my wait? Well thank goodness to my great foresight on buying a fun book “How to walk in High Heels”, nothing morbid or depressing. I did loads of reading and when I got tired I rested my head on the next chair and took a nap.. then got up when window shopping through all the lovely expensive duty free shops and contemplated getting something disgustingly expensive for myself then thought against it. Had some starbucks! (life saver!) then sat read some more.. Check emails, called Garth and bitched about the wait and then read some more.. Took another nap and now I finally propped up my comp. to document this lovely ‘nirvana calmness’ I’m experiencing from doing F**k all for the past 8 hours. Managed to translate some Japanese toiletries and got myself some face wash, moisturizer and breadth mints and freshened up so as to not look too much like DEATH! Also had some lovely sushi and now killing my last two hours before I take off again. *yippie!!*

Alright battery’s running low and need to do some quick searches before I close my computer till I arrive in San Fran.
Will post the pictures on my whereabouts in Narita for ya’ll to see..

God Bless and Big Hugs!




September 25, 2006

This is so exciting! I’m planning to take a long trip to San Francisco to go see my beloved boyfriend and hopefully to enjoy a bit of the high life.. because I’ve been so ‘unprofessional’ at starting this blog I’ve decided to document every bit of my fun trip so all my lovely kawan-kawan (friends) and family can check-up on me. Nosy Mommy if you’re hearing this I MEAN YOU! You can finally know what you’re big pain in the ass daughter is up to.. Keep your eyes on this space for more updates.

Peace and Love

Air Refiner

September 14, 2006

Bought something I thought is really brilliant the other day. I’ve seen it being sold before but didn’t think much of it because i was probably a tight arse at the time or something I can’t remember but NOW that I decided to get it hearing a friend who’s been using it for a while swearing that its good. So for those who’s been living in a cave somewhere..

OK I’m a sucker for all these aromatherapy nonsense. Although I’m a skeptic with its proclaimed health benefits like when they say the smell of lavender helps with the healing of burn wounds and reduces scaring, I believe psychologically you feel calmer smelling certain scents. So with this came the creation of the Air Refine. What the air refine does is with a build in pump it circulates the water in the tub which then traps in dirt and bad smells and at the same time lets out a lovely smelling aroma of your choice. You can go to the store and buy a bottle of your preferred scent like Lavender, Sandalwood, Rose, Lime etc etc., each has their own special qualities so you can get one to suit you. Squeeze a few squirts into water, place the lid and Voila! An odor trapping – scent-producing MARVEL! It adds good moisture to the room if you’re like me sleeping in an igloo.

I use mine before i got to bed. I have my shower, go into my room and the smell is just SO calming. Especially after a long day working and you’re still to wired up it just relaxes you and falling asleep is so easy. I wish I was earning some money from this but hey doesn’t matter BUT if you’re like in some remote place where you can’t get one let me know and I’ll be a SUPPLIER!


Saturday Night Fever

September 10, 2006

What a palaver of the time I had tonight! Left my mobile at home by accident and went out to meet friends. So I got there and walked around feeling like I’ve just been dropped off by aliens looking totally lost searching in hope that I would bump into them but no such luck… *slaps forehead* I thought of stopping a friendly looking stranger to borrow her phone but I didn’t know anyone’s number by hard so I had to drag my sorry butt home again. That was my lovely Saturday night. Wish me better luck next week!! 🙂

On a happier note, I’ve got pictures!! It was Kavi’s Birthday last Tuesday and we took him out to dinner and had some cheeky drinks at N.A.B after.

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